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  Fellow radio hams

Marco, PE2MC

Michel, PA7ML

Willem, WP3UX

Cinus, PA0CWR

Paul, PE2LZ

John, PA0ETE

Franz, OE3FVU (ex PE0WGA)

 Hamradio clubs

VERON National Dutch Ham Radio Club

VERON afdeling Centrum

VERON afdeling Woerden

AARC, Aruba Amateur Radio Club

VERONA, Curacao Amateur Radio Club

BAR, Bonaire Amateur Radio Club (still to come...)

REC, Radio Electronica Club

 (HAM)Radio newssites



PA0ETE/PA00NEWS podcast directory

 Films of hamradio events that I joined in the past

Fieldday PI4UTR 1985 part 1   Fieldday PI4UTR 1985 part 2 

PA6SIX 6 meter meeting 1995

PA6SIX 6 meter meeting 1996

PE6AIR ATV transmissions from a small airplane 2000

PI6ATV ATV repeater promotion film

PJ4EME first 2 meter EME activation of Bonaire 2007

PJ4W, Hamradio from Radio Netherlands Bonaire 2010

PJ4B, Operating from K2NG's winning contest station on Bonaire 2010

PJ4C, The F6KOP team operating from Bonaire 2012


Introduction to antennas by Marc, N4UFP    (PPS-file)



Tropospheric Ducting Forecasts

 Weather around Bonaire

Meteo Curacao

Meteo Aruba

Lightning detecion South-West Caribbean

Weather radar Northern Venezuela/ABC Islands

Tropical weather outlook(Hurricanes!)

Current weather and forecast for Bonaire